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ACT Program
The Alpine Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.)was designed to be a comprehensive theatre training program, where students are able to take classes in acting, singing and dancing in an organized, supportive and creative environment. The A.C.T. program explores different singing and acting techniques and introduces students to all aspects of theatre life.

With the singing portion of our program on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have intensified our focus on Acting and Theatre Dance.  Our director, Abbey Austin, has come up with creative ways to continue incorporating speaking roles into our program, even with mask requirements in place!

This program is open to children ages 4th grade and up who have a curiosity about the dramatic arts and would like the opportunity to grow their skills and confidence in the performing world.  

The Fall Session of A.C.T. culminates with a musical production in early November called “Kindred Spirits” to showcase the marriage of dancing and acting on stage. Participants enrolled in the A.C.T. program for the entire dance season may audition for a speaking roll in the Alpine Dance Academy Spring Recital and/or Ballet and Modern Concert.

A.C.T. Participant requirements:
~ A.C.T. Participants must be in 4th grade or above
~ No dancing, or acting experience necessary
~ Participants must commit to the entire 7 week program (September & October) to be considered for a speaking role in “Kindred Spirits.”
~ Participants must commit to entire 9 month program (September – May) to  be considered for a speaking role in Alpine Dance Academy’s Spring Recital and/or Ballet and Modern Concert.

A.C.T. Program requirements: 
Weekly Classes: Acting Class, Theatre Dance Class

“Kindred Spirits” Additional Rehearsals:
     August Kindred Spirits Camp (Mandatory)
     1 Performance Saturday (Mandatory) 

ACT Kindred Spirits Camp 2021: