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ACT Program
The Alpine Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.) is a comprehensive theatre training program, where students are able to take classes in acting, singing and dancing in an organized, supportive and creative environment. The A.C.T. program explores different singing and acting techniques and introduces students to all aspects of theatre life.

This program is open to children ages 3rd grade and up who have a curiosity about the dramatic arts and would like the opportunity to grow their skills and confidence in the performing world.  

The Fall Session of A.C.T. culminates with a musical production in early November called “Kindred Spirits” to showcase the marriage of dancing, singing and acting on stage. Participants enrolled in the A.C.T. program for the entire dance season may audition for a speaking roll in the Alpine Dance Academy Spring Recital and/or Ballet and Modern Concert.

A.C.T. Participant requirements:
~ A.C.T. Participants must be in 3rd grade or above
~ No dancing, singing or acting experience necessary
~ Participants must commit to the entire 7 week program (September & October) to be considered for a speaking role in “Kindred Spirits.”
~ Participants must commit to entire 9 month program (September – May) to  be considered for a speaking role in Alpine Dance Academy’s Spring Recital and/or Ballet and Modern Concert.

A.C.T. Program requirements: 
Weekly Classes: Acting Class, Theatre Dance Class, Voice Class

“Kindred Spirits” Additional Rehearsals:
2 Saturday Rehearsals (Mandatory)
1 Performance Saturday (Mandatory)

*** New this year! ***

ACT Summer Stock Program: 8/5 - 8/20

August 5th – 16th
    Monday through Friday, 10 am - 3pm
    at Alpine Dance Academy

August 19th & 20th
    Monday & Tuesday:  10 am - 8pm
    at The Breckenridge Theater

Ages: 9 to 18 (Entering 4th Grade and up)

Cost: $550

Speaking Role Auditions:
Monday June 3rd at ADA: 4-7pm

Directors Note

Hi Everyone and thank you for reading! 

We are so excited to be able to provide this opportunity to our students and for the first time ever present a fully licensed production of Disney’s 101 Dalmations. Growing up, this was one of my favorite movies! I went as far as to name our family husky, Pongo… husky, dalmation…. Same difference, right?

Doing a production like this has been a long time goal for Alpine Dance Academy’s Alpine Conservatory Theatre Program. We have always prided ourselves on encouraging unique in house shows. We have dedicated time to practicing acting skills, character work, and telling an honest story. This has as also allowed us a chance to develop true imaginative action while working on playwriting skills. There are many positives when it comes to doing an original piece, the one negative aspect is that our students are not able to put these shows on their resumes. For example, our students know exactly what “Kindred Spirits” is and what it is about, however to an outsider that title is not familiar and does not give clear direction when it comes to casting actors. 

By doing a show that is licensed and mainstream, this will give our students the chance to work on a show in a creative and safe environment while building their resume for future endeavors. In addition to this licensed show that will be presented two times on August 21st as the grand finale of our camp and summer break, we will be staying true to our roots and offering the participants of this camp the chance to develop their very own cabaret and present it on Monday August 20th. This will allow the participants of this camp the chance to have an individual moment to shine if wanted, as well as be part of the cast endeavor. All productions will be performed at the Breckenridge Theater. This intimate theater is a professional space and we ensure it will be the perfect venue for these shows. Our goal as a studio and as a program is to develop confident performers and train them to be as professional as possible. We are thrilled to provide this opportunity to remain in alignment with this goal.

Through this camp we plan to provide an organized learning environment, in which we continue training young professionals while still having a great time! Participants should plan on being engaged at all times. We hope to eliminate downtime while including additional educational aspects (our student cabaret) in addition to the full show. The performing arts are a team sport. In our mind every part is incredibly crucial. From the actor with the biggest part- to the tiniest audience member, every single person is important in creating an exciting theatrical experience. This is why we have decided to have auditions on Monday June 3rd, and deliver scripts and cast lists on Friday August 2nd. We want to make it very clear that participation in this program is not role dependent. There are times when you get to be the main focus and times when you get to be in the ensemble. Any time you GET to be on stage is a good time, and we plan to make this a huge focus of this camp.

There were many shows that we took into consideration when it came to picking a title to spearhead this program. My mind kept coming back to this one. It was important to us to pick a title that was recognizable and we felt could be entertaining to audience members of all ages. It was important to me to pick a show that was full of interesting characters, as our community is also full of interesting characters. In this production, you will have the opportunity to see or maybe even be a loving couple, robbers, lots of puppies, and one of the most iconic villains of all time.

We hope that you join us on this epic black and white adventure!

Abbey Austin
The Alpine Conservatory Theatre

About the ACT Summer Stock Program:
This NEW musical theatre intensive camp is designed for kids who love to perform and are looking to build their theatre resume.  These exciting two weeks will culminate in a fully licensed production of Disney's 101 Dalmatians Kids, and performers will have the opportunity to perform in a Cabaret as well!

Camp participation is not role dependent. Participants for camp need to be registered and paid in full before auditions. Camp participants will be able to pick up scripts and have cast list access on Friday August 3rd from 4-6pm at the studio. Participants should review scripts and be ready to begin work on Monday August 5th.  

Camp will be held August 5 – 16 (Monday – Friday from 10am – 3pm) at ADA, with daytime rehearsals and evening performances on August 19th & 20th at the Breckenridge Theater (Monday and Tuesday from 10am – 8pm, please pack meals and water as performers will be on-site all day).  

Camp participants need to be in attendance for entire program.

ACT Summer Stock Audition Requirements:
Auditions will be held on Monday June 3rd at the studio from 4 – 7 pm. Auditionees will be seen in order of arrival and will be dismissed after their audition is complete. Audition participants will not be required to stay for entire 3 hours. Auditionees should prepare one of the 3 songs provided below. Head shots and resumes will be accepted at auditions. Camp participants who are not able or do not wish to audition will be placed in the ensemble.  

Please be prepared to sing the specified section of one of the following songs:
​(Musical tracks coming soon!)

        Wouldn't It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady
        Second Verse and Bridge
        "Lots of chocolate for me to eat... who takes good care of me. Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?"

        Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid
        Second verse through end
        "What would I give if I could love out of these waters... part of that world."

        You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch from How The Grinch Stole Christmas
        Beginning through second verse
        "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch... 39 and a half foot pole."